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Available Franchises

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Lexington KY

Lexington, the heart of Kentucky, is home to prestigious colleges and vibrant student communities. Your role as a franchise owner in Lexington will involve safeguarding these dynamic environments, ensuring that education and student life thrive without security concerns. This position offers a chance to deeply engage with and contribute to the local community.


Louisville KY

We are expanding our reach and impact by launching a new franchise location in Louisville, KY. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual with a passion for safety and community service. As a franchise owner with Helping Hand Security, you will play a crucial role in protecting the well-being of students and residents in Louisville while building a rewarding business for yourself.


Denver CO

Denver is a bustling city with numerous educational institutions and student housing complexes. As a franchise owner here, you will contribute to a safe learning and living environment for students, offering peace of mind to the community. Denver's diverse and expansive urban area presents a prime opportunity for a dedicated entrepreneur to make a significant impact.


Philadelphia PA

In Philadelphia, a city known for its rich history and educational excellence, the demand for specialized, student-focused security services is high. As a franchise owner, you'll protect historic campuses and student neighborhoods, playing a key role in the city's educational ecosystem. This opportunity is perfect for someone passionate about combining safety with community service.


Seattle WA

In Seattle, a city known for its innovation and educational excellence, the need for specialized security services is growing. As a franchise owner, you will provide crucial security services to educational institutions and student communities, ensuring a safe environment for learning and development. This role is ideal for those passionate about technology, safety, and community engagement.


Chicago IL

Chicago, with its vast array of universities and colleges, presents an exciting challenge for a Helping Hand Security franchise owner. You will oversee the provision of top-notch security services across a range of educational environments in one of America's most dynamic cities. This position is perfect for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to make a substantial impact.


Baltimore MD

Baltimore's rich cultural landscape is matched by its educational prestige. As a franchise owner here, you will ensure the safety of students across campuses and residential areas, contributing to the city's reputation as a safe harbor for learning and innovation. This opportunity is well-suited for individuals who are community-minded and driven to succeed.


Eugene OR

Eugene is renowned for its academic institutions and a strong sense of community. A franchise owner in this serene yet vibrant city will enjoy the unique opportunity of enhancing the security of student environments amidst Oregon's natural beauty. This role is ideal for those who value safety, community, and the outdoors.

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